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This Is the Best Way to Eat Fast-Food

By Jiri Kaloc

What should you order at Burger King, McDonalds or KFC if you want to minimize the damage done? Fast-food is by no means a healthy choice. But sometimes it’s the only one so it’s good to have a plan going in. Let’s look at the usual burger and fries menu and see how to best approach it.

Stick with water

Perhaps the most important thing is to change your soda for water. And keep in mind that all those fancy types of coffee are just huge portions of sugar in disguise. The same goes for all milkshakes and juices; they are sugar bombs that spike your blood sugar and add a lot of empty calories.

No fries

Fries are made to be addictive. They are potatoes soaked in fat and salt, and contain way more calories than the burger itself. Getting a salad instead of fries is the ideal solution but corn on the cob is a good choice too.

Grilled instead of fried meat

Fried meat is often covered in refined flour and cooked at very high temperatures, adding more cancerous toxins. If there’s the option, go with grilled meat instead. It’s an overall healthier option with fewer calories and less refined oil.

Just olive oil and vinegar

If you decide to go with a salad, think about the toppings and dressing. They can turn a healthy salad into calorie-laden junk food. For dressing ask for olive oil and vinegar. It will still make it pretty tasty without any hidden sugar. For toppings, go with some protein like fish, nuts, or eggs, and maybe some fruit, ditch the breadcrumbs and bacon.

Skip the desert

Anything that would be called a desert is, in most cases, just refined oils, white sugar and flour. And they make that stuff as addictive as possible. Mixtures like that are what scientists use to feed lab rats when they want to make them gain weight quickly.