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VIDEO: Chinese Pro Gets a Two-Year Ban for This Attack on a Rival Team

By Monica Buck

The whole Keyi Look team is in trouble following a violent incident at the Tour of Hainan. One of their riders, Wang Xin, accused members of the Swiss national team of causing him to crash during the race and proceeded to attack them shortly afterwards. The Chinese Cycling Association (CCA) promptly decided to issue bans for the irrational behaviour.

The whole Keyi Look team is banned from competition for the entire 2018 season. Wang Xin himself is now prohibited from all cycling for six months and will not be allowed to ride for a professional team in the next two years. In the footage above, you can see Xin kicking a member of the Swiss team staff before throwing his bidon at another and then grabbing a track pump to probably use it as a weapon. Luckily, the police were there to calm things down.

The attack happened after stage seven of the Tour of Hainan. Wang Xin claims he failed to receive an apology from the Swiss national team, but Danilo Hondo, the Swiss manager, said the team had tried to apologise for any misunderstandings. He then quickly added that there had been no contact between the team car and Wang whatsoever.

The Keyi Look team doctor Zhang Ya and masseur Fan Yunlong received bans for their part in the attack as well. Although the team manager Han Feng was not mixed up in the incident directly, he was punished with a ban for failing to control his rider and staff. Everyone involved now has ten days to file an appeal.

Wang and the Keyi Look team already apologised for the incident, but it is still unclear whether they’ll try to appeal the CCA’s decision.