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VIDEO: “Bloody Hell, Mum. Thanks!” Mother Advising Son Tackling the Angliru Goes Viral

Iván Muñoz decided to take on the Alto de l’Angliru while preparing for the national sprint triathlon championships in Spain. But because it was a family trip his mother was there to offer the most motherly advice of them all.

The young rider had most of the 13-kilometre route behind him when he approached the part with the gradient of 23,5 %. His family was there to film him in the bend and his mom started to shout the exact thing no cyclist needs to hear.

“Iván, the bit which is coming now is much harder!”

Initially, the son just spitted out a simple: “Eh?”

But the mom was persistent: “The next bit is much harder,” she repeated.

“Bloody hell, mum. Thanks!”

“You’ll see. I’m only trying to give you some advice,” she wrapped up the video with the most “mom” thing possible.

Anyway, Iván eventually made it to the summit. It’s no surprise his mom is considered the key element in that feat by most of the commenters.