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DT Swiss Introduces HXC Hybrid Wheels

By Christopher Ashley

Components company DT Swiss are always going to turn heads when they bring a new range to the market. But introducing the HXC 1200 e-bike specific wheels has raised the question – what’s the point?

You’re all torque

E-bikes provide your bike with an augmentation of power, most noticeably torque, and your wheels will feel the difference when you add a couple of hundred watts of power to your output.

With a reputation for high-end quality mountain bike components, DT Swiss understand that you need tougher components to match the punishment your wheels are about to endure.

In excess

DT Swiss have increased the thickness of the HXC rims, which serves 2 purposes – first, it prevents the e-bike motor from tearing the spokes out of the rims with rapid acceleration and, secondly, it gives these wheels a weight bearing classification of 150 kg – an industry first, and sure to attract the attention of high-end manufacturers.

But the laws of physics haven’t changed, so DT Swiss had to overcome the same problem all wheel makers have to, namely rotational mass. Losing weight on the wheels will improve your e-bike’s performance – so the fact that the HXC 1200s weigh in at just 1,678 g for the 27.5” is nothing short of miraculous.

So how do you justify the price?

Components are undergoing a revolution, and DT Swiss have decided to play the long game. These wheels may outlast many other components on your bike, so you may find yourself swapping these wheels from frame to frame depending on whether you go full suspension or hardtail.

The entire HXC range have all been tested through at least 20 life cycles, so DT Swiss are encouraging you to make these your go-to wheels regardless of your e-bike setup. Want to carry an extra battery? Go ahead, because these wheels will carry the load without any loss of performance.