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Intelligent Traffic Signals Boost Cycling in Copenhagen

By Monica Buck

The Danish mecca of cycling enthusiasts is modernizing its controllers in traffic signals in order to make using public transport and bicycles more favourable. The city council is investing in the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), installing them at 380 intersections. Optimizing the signals in real time should result in much more efficient flow of bikes and buses.

The overall commute time of cyclists should be decreased by 10% and the travel time on buses is expected to decrease by 20%. The new system should even lower the energy use of traffic signals by one third. Looks like the Danish are one step ahead of the rest of us again.


Cycling already accounts for roughly 45% of commutes in Copenhagen, and the city council hopes to increase this number to 75% (including walking) by 2025. Definitely an ambitious plan, but not entirely out of reach. The environmental, economic and health benefits of cycling are well-known to the Danish people. And with the ongoing plan to optimize the city’s traffic, we can see it happening.