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Buyers Guide: The Best Children’s Bikes of 2017

By Christopher Ashley

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a kid with a new bike – that high cadence deserves a decent machine.

Frog Road 58, Team Sky edition

Get your kid hooked with this beautiful offering from Frog 58. Aimed at 6-7 year-olds, this bike isn’t cheap at £425 – but then again, it has integrated gear shifters and brake levers so any kid riding this will feel positively grown up when they take it for a spin.

Also, if there are younger siblings on the way this represents great value, and I guarantee that any little brothers and sisters will be dying to get their hands on this hand-me-down.

HOY Meadowmill Cyclocross

Although £25 more expensive than the Frog this may represent even better value as the Meadowmill gives the kid the option of going off-road.

Admittedly, this means it’s likely to take more of a thrashing over the years, but it’s a simpler machine – just 8 gears on the cassette. This means less maintenance, and more fun out on the ride.

Cube Kid 240 SL

This snazzy little hardtail will encourage kids to use their bikes for more than the school run. The low gear ratios will encourage young ones to attack climbs, and the front suspension will make rough terrain much easier on their arms.

Hydraulic disc brakes mean you’ll have slightly higher maintenance costs, but you’ll see your kids much improved handling and control thanks to the very grown-up specs of this surprisingly light machine.

Chopper Pearl White

If you want your kid to get from A to B in style, take a look at this laid-back cruiser.

The chain guard will keep your kids’ bell bottoms free from grease, and the mod-styling will help them stand out from their peers. Remember how Choppers made you feel back in the day. This is a different bike – and it’s definitely for the cool kids.

GT Lil’ Performer BMX

My dad forgot to sell my BMX when he bought me my first road bike – I’d sneak it out the back alley and meet my friends down at the BMX park for races with jumps on a dirt course.

In hindsight, I’m sure my dad knew exactly what I was up to but there’s an implied illicit thrill associated with riding a BMX. This classic BMX will definitely give your kids that thrill too. Don’t forget the helmet… or the pegs!