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Macronutrients: Baked Egg Avocado Boats

By Jiri Kaloc

Fat is a very controversial macronutrient. For a long time we’ve been told it’s making us fat and causes heart disease. We almost forgot the importance of fat as a carrier of fat-soluble vitamins, a building block for hormones, and an important part of cell membranes. Let’s look at various kinds of healthy fats and ways to best include them in our diet.

Sources of healthy fats

Fats differ based on the type of fatty acid (FA) they contain. There are two main categories, saturated and unsaturated FA. We should have a balanced intake of both to get the best out of fats while not increasing the risk of developing disease. Good sources of saturated FA are high quality animal foods and also coconut or cacao beans. Great sources of mono-unsaturated FA are olive oil, avocados, or eggs. The best known poly-unsaturated FA, omega-3, is best sourced from fish and sea food, omega-6 FA can be found in nuts and seeds.

Animal fats for cooking, plant fats for salads

You should completely avoid hydrogenated oils. Those are used mainly in production of sweets and junk food in general. Also, try to limit consumption of oxidized fats. Unsaturated fats can oxidize quite easily in high temperatures and also when exposed to light for a long time. That’s why olive oil is best used in cold salads. Animal fats generally contain a higher percentage of the more stable saturated fats, so fats like lard or tallow are good choices for cooking.

Recipe: Baked Egg Avocado Boats

This recipe is full of healthy fats. It contains mostly mono-unsaturated, and some poly-unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, 58 g of fat in total, 17 g of protein, 14 g of carbs, and 10 g of fiber. It is a great option for a healthy breakfast or dinner that you won’t get hungry soon after.


• 1 pcs avocado
• 2 eggs
• 25 g spring onion, chopped
• pinch of salt and pepper


1. Cut 1 large avocado in half, and remove the pit. If it’s a small pit, scoop a bit of the avocado out to make room for the egg.
2. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl.
3. Using a spoon, place 1 yolk and however much egg white you can fit into each of the holes left by the pits.
4. Place on a baking tray, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 220 °C.
5. Remove from the oven, season with chopped spring onions and a pinch of salt and pepper.

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