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VIDEO: Immerse Yourself in an Incredible 360° First-Hand Mumbai Experience

There’s a silent deal in our society that our lives are creepily speeding up and we’re fine with it. Or at least pretend to be. But the whole ‘life’ schtick can sometimes bend the backs of even the most devoted workaholics and high achievers. So when there’s no time to visit a mountain elder for a quick meditation, we look for every possible stress relief within reach.

Listen to the exclusive playlist prepared by our three Mumbai Mess contenders:

The Slow TV phenomenon has been around for a while. We’ve seen live streams of farm animals on meadows, 6-hour-long train ride, even popsicles melting in the sun. Anyhow, a bike messenger race through one of the most densely populated cities on the planet that is lacking proper traffic infrastructure might not sound like an ultimate cure for shattered nerves.

But if you forget the final-cut video pumped with action and spectacular zoom-in zoom-out editing and actually watch just the plain helmet GoPro footage you’re in for a treat. The 360° drag feature allows you to enjoy a full-angle view of the route and to direct it yourself while feeling like you’re really there. Let’s embark on a soothing real-time journey through the eyes of a bicycle messenger navigating through cluttered Mumbai. We bet you’ll find it as hypnotizing as we did.

It’s been already stated that a bike messenger isn’t just a mere delivery boy or girl on two wheels. It requires a particular set of skills and decision-making abilities. Get to know our three contestants up close and personal here. If you’re wondering what helps them concentrate while on the job they’ve put their heads together and gifted us with an ultimate messenger playlist, containing songs that work as a booster, keeping them hyped up and in the rhythm. It super makes us want to dance on the pedals.