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VR for Cyclists: You Could Ride Anywhere in the World with This App

By Monica Buck

Aaron Puzey is a digital games developer who worked in the evenings for many months on his solo project – creating a virtual reality for cyclists using Google Maps. He believes he has finally come up with an app which allows you to cycle anywhere in the world, and has decided to support this bold statement by going on a virtual journey across the UK.

It took him 85 hours of cycling time on his home trainer, spread over a period of 8 months, but he did finish what he started. He did the final piece of the long journey on January 13th. Aaron reckons he burned around 50,000 calories in the process. His idea caused quite a stir among cyclists, and he now plans to use it to launch a Kickstarter campaign for his app Cycle VR.

“There’s loads of stuff I still need to work out before I can launch this, and I’d love to hear from people about how they might use this or what features they’d like to see. When it launches, you’ll be able to buy a complete virtual reality kit and cycle anywhere in the world too,” says Puzey.

What do you think about the idea? Would you be interested in it?