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VIDEO: Journalist Doesn’t Realize He’s Talking about Peter Sagan to Peter Sagan’s Wife

By Frantiska Blazkova

Let’s start on an infomercial note. Did this ever happen to you? You’re discussing a person with somebody and the person in question suddenly shows up behind your back, being there long enough to hear the best parts, while you’re being completely unaware? Something similar happened to Aussie SBS journalist Michael Tomolaris, who thought he’s going to get a heartfelt confession from what appeared to be Peter Sagan’s biggest fan.

Seeing a woman wearing a full Sagan cycling kit, the journalist approached her with hopes of a great fan footage material. When she states she’s originally from Slovakia, he gets excited and asks her right away: “What do you make of Peter Sagan?” That’s the exact moment of realization and you can see in Katarina Sagan’s face that she becomes aware that he has no idea to whom is he talking to, and she laughs and sportily continues that he’s “pretty cool” and a real hero, especially for her. But eventually, the truth comes to light as Somolaris asks her if she lives in Australia, to which she swiftly replies: “No, I live with Peter.”

After outbursts of laughter from both sides and the obligatory sorry-I-didn’t-recognize-you response the interview continues with a few curious questions about how Peter handles attention and fame – amidst all the mess we must admit that Somolaris is a true professional.

And you thought your work screw-ups were awkward.