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VIDEO: The Struggle Is Real (and Hilarious): British Cyclist Snares His Bike in an Electric Fence

Tangling your bike in a live electric fence is already quite the pickle to solve. But pair this unfortunate situation with three guys and one woman possessing British accents and a lot of swearing and you’ve struck the comedy gold.

The YouTube user “Big DT” went on a countryside ride with a few friends and, apparently, one of his mates decided that putting his bike over a fence saves more time than riding around it, looking for an opening. In the cameraman’s words: “Whilst pedalling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realised that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mate Al trying to get it off! Please excuse the swearing and oh yes by the way the clicking sound is the electric pulsing!!” How a YouTube user “TheFatLobster” aptly remarked in the comment section: “So, this is what they call an e-bike?”

Passions are apparently high from the very beginning because when a sheep bleats at 17 second into the video it’s met with a prompt: “Shut up!” Personally, we don’t know what tickles our funny nerve more – that one futile attempt when the first leveraging stick breaks or the cameraman nearly choking on a chortling laughter in the wake of it. More fruitless tries (and electric shocks) are to follow and at one point is seems that it’s just hopeless, but every quality storyline with a suspense plot should end in some kind of happy end or closure, and the lads finally manage to hurl the bike back over the fence. The video ends with the most British closing line possible: “You’ll have to straighten the fence out now.”

Of course it would probably be easier to just find the source of electricity and unplug it somehow, or to contact the farmer and ask him for help, but then we wouldn’t have this cinematography gem with contagious outbursts of laughter of all participants and quotes only genuine reactions can produce. We are pretty sure we’ve never wanted to watch a video on repeat more times than this one. No wonder this DIY e-bike gone wrong took off as an instant viral sensation.