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Rare Enormous Bicycle Collection Goes on Sale on eBay

By Frantiska Blazkova

An eBay user from Germany, going under the nickname “speichengesicht2012”, is offering his amazing road bike collection for €35,000 (£29,750), and he claims that he’s been accumulating it over 30 years. In case you are wondering how does such an amount look displayed in his garage, search no more. Behold, a proper “cycling cathedral”.

In his own words that can be find in the eBay selling page description, his motivation was the “dearest wish to preserve and to cultivate the heritage of cycling.” Overall, he managed to collect 60 steel road bikes and 15 frames bearing names of some of the most renowned cycling manufacturers, e.g. Bianchi, Pinarello, Peugeot, Diamond, Messina, and Mercier to name a few. Apparently, he holds a great sentiment for those three decades dedicated to devoted bike hoarding and even expressed a desire about the future owners, as can be seen in his further commentary: “I would finally be rewarded for all these years of collecting, maintaining and storing if they could be seen on the road again in all its glory!”

The collection sells worldwide, but be prepared to pick it up yourself, as he doesn’t offer any means of transportation, but he’s apparently very communicative and, due to an alleged massive amount of inquiries, is working on a catalogue of all these bikes, including brands and condition. We wish him the best of luck with finding a suitable new master for his bicycle freak show. Would you be interested in such bargain?