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Could Airless Bike Tyres Be the Answer to Getting Flats?

By Monica Buck

Does this innovation from Nexo mean the end of dragging the patch kits and pumps around? It certainly looks very interesting. With the possible lifespan of 5,000 miles, the airless bike tyres will probably become the first choice of many cyclists if the Nexo Tires deliver on their promises.

The Utah based company claims that the polymer blends, from which the tyres are made, offer perfect balance of cushion and resilience as well as long-lasting durability. The tyres fitted on your existing wheels should last up to 3,100 miles, and the entire wheel set should last, as mentioned above, for up to 5,000 miles.airless-flat-free-tire-bike-nexo-13

But there are still some questions waiting to be answered. How does the innovation from Nexo handle mud for example? And will the somewhat conservative cycling crowd approve of this novelty? We shall see because the company raised $64,719 during their Kickstarter campaign. The original goal was $24,597, so it is certain the airless bike tyres will make it to the production.