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Cycling Christmas 2016: Which Gizmos Do You Need?

By Christopher Ashley

You can never have enough bikes or gadgets to go on them. Here are some gizmos likely to be on every cyclist’s wish list.

Lighting the trails

The Gemini Titan offers 4,000 lumens, which is more than car headlights, which give out about 1,200 lumens. However, car headlights cast the lumens over a wide field of vision, so the Gemini Titan spreads the lumens using 6 individual forward facing cells. The result? The Titan lights the muddiest of trails in the darkest of forests.


For the city slicker

Revolights Eclipse are a stylish solution to 360 lighting – they attach to your wheels and improve your visibility on the road. Part of a new breed of wheel-based rotating lighting systems, Revolights opt for a minimalist design. Be noticed, be safe.


Smart shades for the serious cyclist

Oakley’s Radar Pace feature accelerometers, gyroscopes, humidity sensors, and a barometer – Oakley are not messing about with this gadget. Unsurprisingly, the Radar Pace is aimed at the cyclist serious about their training.


The Radar Pace will talk you through a training programme as you ride, and can even pair up with power meters, heart rate monitors, and cadence sensors. In fact, they’ll hook up to anything via Bluetooth or ANT+. Oh… and did we mention that they’ll shield your eye from glare?

For the space-starved urbanite

Gadgets don’t need to be electronic to be smart. If you’d rather not leave your bike outside, but want to keep your home looking modern and sleek, treat your spouse to a SLÎT bike rack. When it’s not in use it folds up flush to your wall – and when it is in use, you have a place to store your accessories. Beautiful design.

Record your ride

The Hero4 Session is the smallest GoPro yet, but still captures at 8mp – plenty for recording the ups and downs of your daily ride. Although there are higher resolution cameras that you can strap to your helmet, they tend to look absurdly big, like you’ve got a film crew sat on your head.


Unless you’re called Danny MacAskill, the Session will do you just fine. But for the record, the Hero4 Black punches out 4k Ultra resolution. Not that it should tempt you of course…