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Bike Scraps Turned Into Art: Check Out These Amazing Chandeliers!

By Monica Buck

Are we becoming a throw-away society? Carolina Fontoura Alzaga thinks so, and she is worried that dumping old and broken technology might have a serious impact on our planet in the near future. That’s why she decided to show the world that it’s possible to create beautiful things out of salvaged materials. In this case it was discarded bicycle chains, and the way she transformed them into classy chandeliers is beyond belief.

“We have a responsibility to be conscientious. We can either choose to take a path which leads us to the extinction of humanity or to the evolution of humanity. And I try to live my life in such a way that I am working towards the evolution of humanity,” says Carolina and it’s hard to argue with her. She leads by example, and even you can help her cause. Check out her official e-shop HERE, and maybe you’ll also become a proud owner of one of her stunning chandeliers.