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Steal the Limelight with a Giant T-Rex Bike

By Angie Ng

Going to a red-carpet event or a special birthday party? Why not show up in style, riding a dinosaur skeleton? There’s no way anyone could overlook this ride, which is the size of a 12-year-old, juvenile T-Rex. Standing at 2.6 meters tall, Sue, as she is called, is 1.7 m wide and 3.7 m long. If you love attention and aren’t afraid of heights, climb up to the seat, which is roughly 1.5 m high, and snap Sue into action!

This combination of technology and art includes a 41 kg recumbent tricycle and manually controlled head and arms. If you get tired of all the paparazzi you can get away at a top speed around 24 km/h. Don’t worry if you need to stop for pedestrians who are stunned in their tracks though – Sue comes with great brakes.

According to her creator, an engineer based in Eugene, Oregon, Sue is a “wonderful rideable dinosaur” that he created in order to fulfil his childhood dreams. He put her up for sale on Craigslist since she “needs to go to someone who likes being the centre of attention, likes making the news whenever they’re out in public, and likes inspiring joy and wonder in the faces of children.”

If you’re curious to see whether or not you’re the one Sue has been waiting for, here is a link to the Craigslist post.