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Five Cheap City Bikes Fighting for Your Attention

By Christopher Ashley

You don’t need to spend big on a city whip, so here’s the WeLoveCycling guide to the best bikes you can buy on a budget.

Frugal fixie

This 6KU Barcelona has a steel frame and sexy colour scheme – gunmetal grey matched with tangerine wheels.  Arrive in style for less than 350 Euro, and the minimal maintenance will suit those with a busy city lifestyle – and keep your calves looking trim.


Lower maintenance – more money

Dawes offer a range of folding bikes at a fraction of the cost of a Brompton.  Dawes sensibly opt for hub gears on the Diamond model to keep maintenance costs low.  But while a Brompton folds better, it will set you back £1000 for a vanilla version. You can’t really argue with the Dawes £379 price tag.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 13.52.38

More bling for your budget

Every road man needs a whip, and the latest trend for the urbanite is this casual roller. Easy to stash, this ride will compliment your bespoke gold Adidas tracksuit.  For $350 your door-to-door start-up is off the ground without having to front a large wedge of cash – and you won’t have to worry about checking your brake lights.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 13.58.08

Elegantly economical

Feminine riders don’t need to splash out to be seen – the 2016 Reid Vintage Classic is beautifully chic, and the design incorporates matching chain guard trim to prevent your dress getting caught in the chain.  Less than £300 buys you a basket on the front for your clutch bag and a bottle of Chardonnay – and the slick tyres give enough grip to whoosh effortlessly through the pack.  Hold onto your hat.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 13.59.18

Dollars in the dirt

This 2016 Verde Cadet is a classic with future proof styling – will the BMX ever go out of fashion?  The low profile is matched only by its low price, with this retailer selling the 2016 model at £215.  You only have one gear to worry about, which means cheap, standardised replacement parts – this is a bike you can fix up and mod to your heart’s content without your wallet haemorrhaging cash.  You’ll love this bike for years, so make it your own.

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