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Pimp Your Ride for Urban Lifestyle

By Adam Marsal

Cycling in metropolitan areas can sometimes be dangerous and inconvenient. Heavy traffic, sweating through your festive attire or ruffled hair are only the tip of the iceberg. These gadgets will help you survive in the city jungle.

Orp SmartHorn

Price: 45 USD

Scared of riding in heavy traffic? It can be hard to get motorists’ attention in the city. Not anymore. This deadly combination of dual horn and light is awesome. You can warn pedestrians and fellow cyclists with 76 friendly decibels.

Press down for Orp’s 96dB sound to attract car drivers’ attention, which is 20dB more than average high school football coach can shout.

More: http://www.orpland.com/

Blaze Bike Light

Price: 75 USD

More than 75 percent of bike accidents happen when a motorist cuts off a cyclist who’s going straight ahead. Emily Brooke wanted to eliminate the danger of vehicle’s blind spot with a safety light that projects onto the road 5 meters ahead of a bike.

The green light is greatly visible and the gadget also acts as a traditional bike light. Now everyone knows that you’re coming!

More: https://www.blaze.cc/

Hövding Invisible Helmet

Price: 600 USD

Hate wearing helmet but prefer staying alive? Hövding is the world’s first airbag for cyclists and it’s the result of intensive research since 2005. Through advanced sensors, Hövding can sense the cyclist’s movement patterns and will react in case of an accident.

The unique airbag will then inflate, fixate your neck and provide the best shock absorption. The price is obnoxious, but consider the cost of a brain surgeon.

More: http://www.hovding.com

Copenhagen Wheel

Price: 750 – 1000 USD

Danes love to bike – almost forty percent of Copenhagen residents cycle daily. In order to become even more bike friendly, the city joined with a team from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab. The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily. The Wheel contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity and an embedded control system.

The Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly with your motion, multiplying your pedal power 3x to 10x. It makes hills feel flat and distances shrink, so you can cycle just about anywhere.

More: https://superpedestrian.com/