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“Kicking” Bike Thieves in the Butt – the Exploding Saddle Prank

By Angie Ng

For everyone who’s ever had a bike stolen and wanted to get even, the pranksters at TwinzTV have come up with a hilarious way to “kick” bike thieves in the butt.  So an unsuspecting bike thief gets onto a “bait” bike and thinks s/he’s gotten away with the theft.


That’s when the little surprise, composed of a 12V battery and a seat that looks like an airbag, comes into play.  Using a remote control, the guys at TwinzTV cause the seat to blow up, causing most thieves to fall off the bikes… with painful buttocks. In the words of one of the guys at TwinzTV, “Hey yo, Buddy –it’s not nice to steal!”