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We can’t stand watching bikes being stolen anymore

By Honza Koran

Do you know what really grinds our gears as cyclists? Bike thieves. You work hard to buy that shiny new precious, you look forward to those adventures you will be sharing together and suddenly someone takes it all away from you and sells it to some dirty pawnshop. It’s just not fair, so we decided to show them.

Bicycle at a a street lamp after theft without wheels saddle and handle bar

In November on We Love Cycling you will have the opportunity to be a part of the first European Bike Stealing Championship. Not only we took our bait bike along with the camera crew to Amsterdam, Rome and Prague, waited for the thieves to burn their hands (just wait to see what we did to them), film it and present it to you.


(see how they deal with bike thieves in the USA)

But starting Monday we will also be talking about safety, locks, prevention and even shaming the thieves online to make their lives as hard as possible. Stay tuned – we are starting next week.