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Lock ’n’ Roll: Protect your bike effectively

By Adam Marsal

Never underestimate the skills of the bike thieves. They can do their work well. And why would you make their lives easier by using cheap locks with weak protection? Following are the tips for the interesting locks we found on this year’s Eurobike trade show including a smartphone-controlled lock of the 21st century.

Locked by an app

Master Lock comes with a perfect combination of new technologies and traditional quality steel processing. We’ve seen many similar projects on Kickstarter over the past few years, some of which have actually shipped recently. The Master Lock uses the power-efficient Bluetooth Smart technology, which is considered a key enabler in the Internet of Things expansion, to allow you to quickly unlock your bike lock with a smartphone.

What if your phone battery dies? No worries, they’ve got you covered there. You can enter a code using the joystick on the front to open it. They’ve also introduced an interesting locker mode, which allows you to use the smartphone app to share access to the bike, for example with your friends and family. You can grant time-limited access as well. Pretty cool stuff. The unit itself is for 60 USD, and together with the hardened steel chain you will pay about 140 USD. The system uses a simple 9V battery, which they say will last about 5 years.

Strong but easy to store

Think D-locks and cable or chain locks take up too much space? AXA’s foldable series offers the comfort of a chain that is easy to attach to the base and a foldable lock that is convenient to store and carry in the lock’s holder.

In addition, the links that are made of hardened steel offer high resistance against attempts to cut or remove them. Each neoprene-covered link can be folded in any way and is also easy to in its frame-mounted holder.

Proved tradition

Abus too has a new folding lock, the strong, sleek-looking Bordo Centium. A combination of stainless steel and black, hardened steel, brings style as well as security to cycling.

„It offers features that have not been provided by any other design to date. Light-weight flexibility in a compact design”, the company says. Likewise the lock from AXA it can be also easily transported thanks to the practical holder.

Lock in the Saddle

The SeatyLocks is a bicycle seat, which quickly and effortlessly converts from a bike seat to a solid lock and back, in 15 seconds or less.


Because it’s integrated part of your bike and under your seat, it doesn’t burden your ride or cause you to be unbalanced in any way, and you never have to worry about where it is, or about saddle theft.

SeatyLocks has a universal adaptor that enables a perfect compatibility with any bicycle. It locks your bicycle to a fixed external object and after a simple installation it can be adjusted to you preferred saddle position.

What lock are you using to protect your bike?

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