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Simply Clever Hack – Make an emergency tail light

By Adam Marsal

Did you find yourself stuck in the dark without a tail light? This happens more often than we would like it to. With our Simply Clever Hack you’ll make a DIY tail light in under 5 minutes and arrive safely.

All you need is the smartphone equipped with the flashlight and some basic tools than can be found practically everywhere (grocery store, nearest bar, gas station). Apart of the smartphone you’ll need a red marker pen, a piece of string and a small plastic bag.

As you bring all the gear together, start with the bag. Open it and put inside the mobile phone to localise the right position of the flash light lens. Now colour in the plastic bag around the spot where the lens of the torch is placed.

When the colouring is complete, switch on the torch application within the phone and put it in the bag again. Your tail light is almost prepared.

The last step is to attach your emergency light to your back so you can be spotted by fellow motorists. Make a hole in the bag and thread your string through it. A shoelace would work as well.

Put the string around your neck and make sure the mobile in the plastic bag is the light side up. Now you can ride safely home through the night traffic. Good luck!

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