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Our contest brings great memories back

By Vratislav Šlapák

We started our ‘Young Me Now Me’ competition only a few days ago and you’ve already sent us many of your wonderful ‘Then and Now’ photos.

It can be seen that many of you were passionate racers even during your young years and time didn’t change a thing about that (maybe now you have even stronger devotion to winning). Some of you didn’t cycle for medals and glory from the beginning – you preferred enjoying the nature with your friends and family.

Photo: Peter, welovecycling.com

What do you love most about cycling?

Everybody has their own reason why they love cycling. Speed, danger, scenery, adventure, fitness, commuting and friendships. However if you look at the photos our readers have so far submitted to the contest, you can see they have a few things in common – pure joy, driving pleasure, that glint in their eyes. There really is something about cycling that made us happy from the very first day.

Photo: Christoph, welovecycling.com

Tell us about your “first”

There are many “firsts” in the life of a cyclist. Our first bounce bike carefully wrapped under the christmas tree by our parents. The first ride without those stabilising wheels. The first mountain bike bought with the money from a holiday job. The first win at a competitive competition. There are so many others we could mention. Don’t leave these experiences for just yourself – share with us!

enter the contest

Till the end of December you can participate in our ‘Young Me Now Me’ contest and win fabulous prizes. All you have to do is find your old photo, recreate it in most funny or original way and share it with your friends! Trust us, going through those old photos of yours that were hidden in a box at your parents house for years, is such a bonding moment for each family.

In the first week of January our jury goes through the entries and picks the best of the best to win one of our WLC care packages. Would you like to win one and have some fun? Nothing’s stopping you!