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  • a-few-tips-to-improve-your-climbing-skills

    A Few Tips to Improve Your Climbing Skills

    Now that you are free to travel again, this is the year you are going to fulfil a dream by climbing Mont Ventoux the way the riders in the Tour de France have done 18 times since 1951. Or, say, the Alpe d’Huez. Or even…

  • power-to-weight-ratio-nutrition

    Power to Weight Ratio – Nutrition

    Nutrition is a very important tool when you’re working on improving your power-to-weight ratio (PWR). Increasing your power output can be really hard, especially for experienced cyclists. But maintaining the same power while losing a kilo or two can be done with a relatively easy…

  • power-to-weight-ratio-training

    Power to Weight Ratio – Training

    How to improve power-to-weight (PWR) ratio? One way is certainly through your training. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do as a beginner to improve your PWR and how does it change as you become a more experienced cyclist.

  • power-to-weight-ratio-why-do-cyclists-care-about-it

    Power to Weight Ratio: Why Do Cyclists Care About It

    A lot of cyclists are working on their power-to-weight ratio and it wouldn’t be hard to find some that are outright obsessed with it. That’s because especially in certain scenarios involving long steep hills, the power-to-weight ratio is the best predictor of performance. Let’s take…

  • power-to-weight-ratio-how-is-it-calculated

    Power-to-Weight Ratio – How Is It Calculated

    The power-to-weight ratio is a common cycling term because it’s a great predictor of performance, especially for those riding on steep pitches and long mountain passes. Do you know how is it calculated and what the resulting number means? You will learn how to find…