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Tag: Periodized Nutrition

  • periodized-nutrition-in-cycling-training-the-gut

    Periodized Nutrition in Cycling – Training the Gut

    Cycling periodization is not only about manipulating how many carbs and how much food you eat. It can also be about training your body to properly handle the food you need to take in during a race. That’s where the concepts of training the gut…

  • periodized-nutrition-in-cycling-macrocycles

    Periodized Nutrition in Cycling – Macrocycles

    Every cyclist that has a training plan knows that the training load changes a lot depending on the phase of the season. Nutrition should be the same. Your food choices, macronutrient ratios, and total energy intake should change based on how much you’re training and…

  • periodized-nutrition-in-cycling-why-you-should-do-it-too

    Periodized Nutrition in Cycling – Why You Should Do It Too

    You know that exercising your leg muscles improves your cycling performance. What a lot of cyclists forget though is that nutrition can also improve or hinder the training adaptations you work so hard for. Periodized nutrition can help you maximize training adaptations without sacrificing any…