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  • the-skoda-mavic-neutral-cars-are-there-to-save-the-day

    The Škoda Mavic Neutral Cars Are There to Save the Day

    When a cycling fan watches the Tour de France, they might not understand why there are the Mavic’s yellow Škoda SUPERBs in the peloton. After all, the teams have their own support vehicles. So, how much action can a neutral service car get? Well, to…

  • skoda-cars-suit-every-need-imaginable-during-the-tour-de-france

    Škoda Cars Suit Every Need Imaginable During the Tour de France

    Škoda, formerly Laurin and Klement, took its baby steps in a small bicycle workshop in 1895 in then Austria-Hungary, today’s Czech Republic, so it’s only natural that two-wheelers feature heavily in the brand’s present-day activities. In 2004, Škoda became the Tour de France’s official vehicle…

  • the-cars-of-the-2019-tour-de-france

    The Cars of the 2019 Tour de France

    The riders make the race, the fans make the atmosphere. But without a massive motorcade of supporting cars, the Tour de France would descend into chaos. Unattended accidents, dehydration, need of medical care and energy supplies can send everyone into a frenzy. For sure, Škoda…

  • the-mavic-support-vehicles-of-le-tour-de-france

    The Mavic Support Vehicles of Le Tour de France

    Jens Voigt has crashed his bike hard in the 2010 Tour de France. The frame is snapped like a twig, the derailleur bent, and the driver of the broom wagon asks Voigt if he wants a lift. Voigt is a hair’s breadth away from abandoning.