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  • drop-bars-vs-flat-bars-a-guide-to-handlebars

    Drop Bars vs Flat Bars: A Guide to Handlebars

    With the rise of mixed terrain, long tours and the bikepacking scene, bikes and the variations they come in has been evolving. Once upon a time there was the road and the mountain bike, with either flat or drop bars. But with the variations in…

  • the-illustrious-evolution-of-mtb-handlebars

    The Illustrious Evolution of MTB Handlebars

    Piece of bent metal or carbon fibre for some, a product of modern science for others. After fifty years of evolution, MTB handlebars remain one of the most important bike components for they represent one of the main steering elements. They underwent marvellous development since…

  • diagnosis-mod-mania

    Diagnosis: Mod Mania

    You’ve got the four bikes of your dreams, and your loved one will divorce you if he/she thinks you’re even considering buying another bike. There’s only one thing you can do – mod what you got.