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  • ai-helps-this-face-mask-adapt-to-exercise-and-pollution-levels

    AI Helps This Face Mask Adapt to Exercise and Pollution Levels

    During the pandemic, many cyclists have experienced wearing face masks to protect themselves and others. We know it’s not always comfortable, especially when it comes to exercising in a mask. Thankfully, new research is showing promise. There’s now a mask that can adapt to changing…

  • face-masks-for-cyclists

    Facemasks to Make Cyclists Breathe Easier

    As with all cycling gear, comfort and safety are the primary requisites for what face mask you wear on your rides. However, the face masks used while walking around and shopping may not be appropriate when riding a bike. This is not a cause for…

  • does-wearing-face-masks-affect-cycling-performance

    Does Wearing Face Masks Affect Cycling Performance?

    Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan did an experiment to find out if wearing a face mask while cycling indoors has an effect on performance or not. The results will be especially interesting to gym owners during the pandemic. Let’s take a closer look at…