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Facemasks to Make Cyclists Breathe Easier

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

As with all cycling gear, comfort and safety are the primary requisites for what face mask you wear on your rides. However, the face masks used while walking around and shopping may not be appropriate when riding a bike. This is not a cause for concern since companies have reacted and created products to fill that market niche. A few of the best face masks for cyclists are described below. 

The mask should fit snugly so that you don’t have to adjust it while cycling and it also should effectively contain your breath and prevent your glasses from fogging up. For breathability, look for flex materials that wick moisture such as spandex. Adjustable ear loops and a stiff nose bridge are important for a proper fit.

Under Armour Sportsmask

Under Armour

The best-known face mask for sports is also one of the best available. Under Armour’s popular Sportsmask stays cool and breathable by allowing air to pass but still prevents the spread of moisture and sweat. The mask’s exterior is water-resistant while the inside is treated with a layer of an antimicrobial substance. It comes with a washable carrying case but you will have to wash the mask by hand. Amazon sells it for £31.40.

Citizen Chrome Mask Pack

Citizen Chrome Mask

Chrome produces popular and well-designed commuter clothing and bags. It also sells what it calls a Citizen Chrome Mask Pack, two face masks made of 100 per cent cotton canvas. They come in two sizes – XS/S and M/L – and have adjustable earloops for a great fit. Only £26 at Chrome, of course.

Kitsbow Face Mask

Kitsbow Face Mask

Kitsbow, a producer of cycling apparel, has also produced lots of PPE during the epidemic, including face masks and shields for frontline healthcare workers and teachers. They also make reusable cloth masks you can use when cycling. They come in three sizes (S, M and L/XL) and a range of colours for the fashion-conscious. The mask has an interior pocket for an optional HEPA filter, which you can order in packs of three. And if you’re a frontline worker or veteran, you can get a discount of 20 per cent. You can get the mask on their website for $24.95 (£18).

KEEN Together Mask

KEEN mask

KEEN, the makers of sturdy footwear, now also makes lightweight masks. The KEEN Together mask comes in a 2-pack, in three sizes, and is made from two layers of cotton canvas. They are washable, reusable and have adjustable ear slides for a good fit and long-term wearing comfort. The pack of two sells for $20 (£14.50) at KEEN.

Po Campo Breathable Face Mask 

Po Campo Breathable Mask

Finally, Po Campo, a company known for its great bike bags, offers a face mask that is terrific for cycling. The Po Campo Breathable Face Mask comes in a 2-pack, in three sizes and four fun colours. One of the masks in the pack has reflective striping, useful when riding at night. The masks are made from recycled fabrics and contain a breathable microfilter between two antibacterial layers.

The sizes are S (child to teen), M (teen to adult average face), L (adult average to large face), and the Po Campo website includes a helpful Sizing Guide. Po Campo sells the mask pack for $24.99 (£18) here.

The company now offers a 20 per cent discount if you purchase three or more packs of two and will donate a week’s worth of medical-grade face masks to New York working cyclists through its partnership with Biking Public Project for every pack it sells.