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Bike Unchained 2: A Game Review by Biker Adam Maroši

By Adam Marsal

For anyone waiting impatiently for spring, we’re bringing a review of a mobile game, Bike Unchained 2, that might get you over this time of bored anticipation. We asked Adam Maroši, a huge gaming fan and a great biker, to check out the game.

The first version of this game was hugely successful, so gamers worldwide have been waiting for the sequel with high expectations. Speaking of being unchained, many bikers might remember the phenomenal American MTB downhill biker Aaron Gwin, who won a DH world cup race in Leogang in 2015. Even though he broke his chain right after the starting line, he was the fastest on the track thanks to his unparalleled bike handling.

Adam Marosi
The game has been a huge success. © Adam Maroši

“I remember that event like it was yesterday since my dad and I watched it on YouTube back then,” says Adam Maroši, son of the famous Czech biker Michal Maroši, a Red Bull athlete, and a We Love Cycling ambassador.

Adam started racing BMX at the age of six, and won the national championships a year later. At the age of twelve, he switched to mountain bikes, which gave him more freedom. “I like big jumps,” says Adam, who seems to be fearless while riding.

When he needs a break from his online schooling, he switches on a PlayStation. Like many of his friends, he spends a lot of time playing Fortnite, Minecraft and Counterstrike, and he has taken part in several mini-tournaments.

“I usually play up to three hours a day,” Adam admits while installing Bike Unchained 2 on his iPhone. After 24 hours of testing, he’s ready to review the game.

Adam Marosi
Adam himself is a talented rider. © Adam Maroši

“Since the game has been developed exclusively for mobile phones, it is designed to be played vertically. You can choose from several modes including race against the clock, slope-style or multiplayer against other players racing online. When compared with the original, I like the better graphics here and the overall riding experience, which feels far more realistic,” Adam says. According to him, controlling the game is absolutely intuitive and requires no previous YouTube tutorials.

“To add speed, I simply press my finger on the screen to make the rider crouch down to decrease the air resistance. To climb, I click on the screen as fast as possible to make the rider pedal. To achieve the best time, I only need to recognise the perfect moment to switch from crouching to pedalling,” Adam says.

Bike Unchained 2
The overall riding experience of the game is very realistic.

The game offers a variety of environments, ranging from rocks, forests and bike parks to city roads. You can assemble your own bike from new components or choose a biker from a list of real riders. “I chose Brandon Semenuk because I like his style best,” says Adam, adding that there are also many female riders to pick. Adam loves the authentic gaming environment where all the tricks and moves look real.

Adam kept Bike Unchained 2 on his phone even after testing. “Even though I enjoy riding a real bike more, I love to go back to Bike Unchained 2 anytime I need to have fun.”

Bike Unchained 2 is free to download for both Android and iOS.