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  • is-the-uk-infrastructure-cycling-friendly

    Is the UK Infrastructure Really Cycling Friendly?

    According to reports by the Department for Transport, two-thirds of adults feel that it is too dangerous to cycle on the road. This in itself says a great deal about the current state of cycling infrastructure in the UK. Giulio Ferrini, Head of Built Environment…

  • connecting-europe-through-cycle-lanes

    Connecting Europe Through Cycle Lanes

    As more and more people travel by bike, and with the limited ways of travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic, EuroVelo is gearing up for potentially the biggest decade in their history. Launched back in the 1990s, they have made strides to connect Europe by bike,…

  • bikepacking-tips-planning-the-route

    Bikepacking Tips: Planning the Route

    Apart from traditional paper maps for nostalgic travellers, there are so many useful online tools that I regularly use to plan my bikepacking route. In this article, I will make a list of my favourites and explain why I chose them.