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  • smart-cities-and-the-impact-on-bicycle-tourism

    Smart Cities and the Impact on Bicycle Tourism

    The convergence of digital transformation and sustainability has given rise to two intriguing developments: the emergence of “Smart Cities” and the blossoming of bicycle tourism. Their intersection paves the way for an innovative and sustainable approach to urban tourism.

  • the-role-of-big-data-in-shaping-bicycle-friendly-cities

    The Role of Big Data in Shaping Bicycle-Friendly Cities

    In an increasingly urbanized world, the challenge of creating sustainable, efficient, and livable cities has become paramount. Among the various strategies being adopted, enhancing urban mobility through the promotion of cycling has emerged as a popular choice. This surge in the interest of fostering bicycle-friendly…

  • e-bikes-empowering-kids-to-kickstart-their-fitness-journey

    E-Bikes: Empowering Kids to Kickstart Their Fitness Journey

    In today’s digital age, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to motivate the screen-attached to engage in physical activities. As a result, childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed, leading to numerous health issues. However, a novel solution has emerged in the form of electric bicycles, or e-bikes.

  • why-is-e-bike-motor-chipping-dangerous

    Why Is E-Bike Motor Chipping Dangerous?

    Electric bicycles are driven by a combination of human and electric power. European legislation allows the assistance of an electric motor up to 25 km/h. If you ask people if they agree to increase this limit, most of them say yes.

  • ai-powered-bicycle-with-wild-features-to-come-from-acer

    AI-Powered Bicycle with Wild Features to Come from Acer

    The “ebii”, as the bike is called, adapts to the rider’s pedalling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, while its AI continuously evolves the personalized experience over time. During rides, the controller leverages its AI technology to automatically adjust motor output to provide…

  • what-you-need-to-know-before-riding-an-e-bike-in-europe

    What You Need to Know Before Riding an E-Bike in Europe

    You’ve seen them on the bike lanes, and you’ve seen them on the roads. You’ve seen them in the mountains, on traffic lights, on cross-country trails, and everywhere you look. E-bikes are slowly gaining foot not just in Europe’s most bike-friendly countries but all around.