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Tag: Cycling on Cobbles

  • mastering-the-cobbles-tips-and-techniques

    Mastering the Cobbles – Tips and Techniques

    Cobblestones can be a brutal experience when you’re not ready. The constant impact of the stone on your wheels as well as the unpredictability of the surface can be overwhelming. But with several adjustments in your body position, riding style, and focus, you will have…

  • mastering-the-cobbles-preparing-your-bike

    Mastering the Cobbles – Preparing Your Bike

    Are you considering giving cobblestone riding a try? Has the test of skill, the adrenaline factor or the historical background of pavé piqued your interest? Then you need to get your bike ready for the challenge. Let’s go over the basics like the selection of…

  • mastering-the-cobbles-why-do-cyclists-like-it

    Mastering the Cobbles – Why Do Cyclists Like It?

    Every time bicycle wheels start turning on cobblestones, they echo with history. Riding on pavé is not just cycling, it’s a rite of passage. Skill, adrenaline, history, and fulfilment are all reasons why cyclists are still drawn to this bumpy, unpredictable terrain. Let’s take a…