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Tag: Children and Cycling

  • young-ones-ready-to-shred-heres-how-to-get-them-onto-bouncy-bikes

    Young Ones Ready to Shred? Here’s How to Get Them Onto Bouncy Bikes

    If your kids already love joining you for a flat, rolling ride along family-friendly cycle trails, you might be considering how to up the ante. Mountain biking offers an opportunity for your little ones to develop their bike-handling skills, boost their confidence and give them…

  • top-10-tips-for-getting-your-kids-excited-about-your-cycling-vacation

    Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited About Your Cycling Vacation

    Taking your kids on a cycling vacation is a great way of either introducing them to or continuing a lifelong love of cycling. Creating a positive experience with them means they’re likely to continue cycling long into the future. It’s worth investing the time and…

  • cycling-with-your-kids-what-are-the-bike-options

    Cycling With Your Kids: What Are the Bike Options?

    There’s a chill in the air and the leaves are slowly turning vibrant shades of orange but there’s still plenty of fun to be had with a day out on the bikes as a family. Whether for leisure or for commuting purposes, getting the right…

  • how-to-get-your-child-excited-to-ride-their-bike-to-school

    How to Get Your Child Excited to Ride Their Bike to School

    Back to school is just around the corner, and after a very strange year, it is safe to say that many kids, and parents alike, are looking forward to getting back into a more predictable routine. After all the chaos and uncertainty caused by the…

  • bizarre-fantasies-of-children-portraying-cycling-experiences

    Bizarre Fantasies of Children Portraying Cycling Experiences

    While visiting a private kindergarten, we kindly asked the kids if they could draw or paint any memories influenced by cycling. The result was surprising. The kids created fanciful universes where people, alongside animals and supernatural beings, share the joy of commuting on two or…

  • christmas-research-what-makes-sports-fun-for-kids

    Christmas Research – What Makes Sports Fun for Kids

    Do girls like sports for different reasons then boys? Is it more important to “try your best” or “to win” when it comes to motivation for kids? A new study looks at what makes sports fun for kids and it turns out we might all…

  • should-cyclists-be-licensed-and-insured

    Should Cyclists Be Licensed – and Insured?

    On a bleak English day in March 2019, The Right Honourable The Lord Winston stood in Parliament’s House of Lords and asked whether cyclists “riding bicycles in city centres should have a licence and third-party insurance?”

  • back-to-school-on-bikes

    Back to School on Bikes!

    Do you work part-time as a taxi driver that brings your kids to and from the school every day? What about letting them cycle instead? Experts talk about the appropriate age and significant benefits of commuting to school on bikes.

  • a-kid-bicycle-seat-that-could-fit-in-your-bag

    A Kid Bicycle Seat That Could Fit in Your Bag

    Riding by yourself or with a kid makes a big difference. How to involve your mini clone in cycling? In the first few months, the choice will probably be a chariot, a grand vehicle towed behind your rear wheel, functioning as a 2-in1 mobile bed…