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  • how-to-keep-your-bike-safe-without-a-lock

    How to Keep Your Bike Safe Without a Lock

    Forgetting to bring the lock with you on the ride happens even to the most organized of cyclists. Or maybe you just didn’t want to take one because you were riding light. Either way, what might happen one day is that you will get so…

  • bike-theft-hotspots-in-the-uk

    New Bikmo Map Shows UK’s Bike Theft Hotspots

    As we have mentioned several times before, the Covid-19 pandemic caused an upsurge in bicycle purchases around the world. But statistics from the UK show that something else happened at the same time. Since the beginning of 2020, the number of bicycle thefts has risen…

  • dont-want-bike-stolen-get-gps-tracker-late

    Don’t Want Your Bike Stolen? Get a GPS Bike Tracker

    Do you love your bikes? Of course you do! But some bike thieves in the world love them even more and would prefer to steal them. And in case they succeed, you need a way to fight back, and modern bike tracking devices are the…