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  • one-cycle-lane-is-not-enough-for-berlin-cyclists

    One Cycle Lane Is Not Enough for Berlin Cyclists

    The spring wave of the coronavirus pandemic has allowed European cities to tweak their traffic infrastructure. Berliners introduced 14 new cycle lanes, which were separated from the surrounding traffic by temporary pop-up barriers. Despite the consent of the majority of the population, they are now…

  • uber-to-launch-electric-bike-sharing-service-in-berlin

    Uber to Launch Electric Bike-Sharing Service in Berlin

    The American company may be popular in the US but in Europe, it’s quite a different story. Uber has been expanding aggressively to the old continent since 2014, often ignoring local laws. That has resulted in a series of lengthy legal battles and even bans.…

  • cycle-law-berlins-step-right-direction

    Cycle Law: Berlin’s Step in the Right Direction

    Almost every European capital is aware of how difficult it is to put in place Copenhagen-esque levels of cycle friendly environment. While the overall population develops its taste in cycling more and more, the cities are generally slower to catch up with sprawling urbanist trends.…