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Top 10 Worst Cycle Lanes from Around the World 

By WeLoveCycling

Not long ago, we staked out a bold new goal for We Love Cycling magazine: to collect as many of the worst cycle lanes across the globe as we could and gather them in the biggest gallery of its kind. And thus, the Worst Cycle Lane in the World Gallery was born! It’s been driven purely by user submissions. Here’s our selection of the ‘best’ entries from across the globe!

The Worst Cycle Lane challenge saw submissions from various corners of the world. Luckily, the experience of more people saddling up (especially in the cities) and the subsequent cycling infrastructure improvements that resulted from it has been almost universal. For example, the Portuguese city of Guimarães made a great step towards a greener, less emission-burdened future by creating Ecovia in 2021, a network of cycle lanes that perfectly connects the downtown with the suburbs, commercial zones, landmarks and more. Furthermore, the Swedish city of Malmö has been hailed as a champion of cycling in 2019 for its brilliant strategies that resulted in 22% of the population – and growing – using bikes daily. Let’s also mention Australian Melbourne’s cycling superhighways, which got the green light in 2020 and are being endorsed by Australia’s independent infrastructure advisory body, Infrastructure Australia.

As you can see in the gallery, the work is far from over – but that means even more reasons to never stop improving!

1. Just a short ride today

Cycle lane Portugal

2. You shall not get bored

France cycle lane

3. Enjoy a comfy ride

Volos cycle lane

Please, don’t litter

Chile cycle lane

Safe journey!

Maribor cycle route

Fade out

Portugal cycle lane

Watch out

Cooks River cycle path

We’re all in it together

Tallinn, Estonia

Go green!

Kuala Lumpur cycle path
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Chile cycle path