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Wout van Aert’s Stunning Return to Cyclo-cross and Other Cool News from the World of Cycling

By Monica Buck

Another Monday is here, and so is our news from the world of cycling. So, what did you miss?

Will van Aert continue to dominate?

Cyclo-cross stars were stunned after the Belgian’s return and afraid that the top spot on the podium might be out of reach for some time. “We have to be honest, it could be a Christmas period without victories,” says Toon Aerts.

Van Aert himself had played down the expectations ahead of the Superprestige race in Boom on Saturday. He said he had not raced cyclo-cross since the World Championships in January and not raced at all for the past two months, as well as suffering from a midweek cold. However, nothing of that seemed to matter.

He went clear on the second of seven laps and finished 1:40 ahead of the rest. Despite the fact he crashed on the penultimate lap.

“I actually thought that I would make a difference with Toon but when I suddenly looked back, I saw that the gap was large. I then looked for my own pace and that turned out to be faster than that of the rest,” Van Aert said according to Sporza.

“We should not draw too strong conclusions from this but I am, in any case, much better than I expected,” Van Aert added. “Those training hours in the rain last week were not for nothing. And it gives confidence for what is to come.”

Wout van Aert
A stunning comeback. © Profimedia

“It is unbelievable what Wout van Aert has done here,” Toon Aerts, who got the closest to him in second place, told Sporza.

“It was to be expected that he would quickly join the front of affairs but that he produces such a lap after just one lap shows a lot of confidence. This race will make him even more confident in the coming weeks.”

There is no doubt about the confidence. Not that it’s something Wout van Aert usually lacks. Do you think he’ll continue to dominate the cyclocross races? Let us know!

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