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Ever Thought You Might Need an Extra Wheel? Check Out These 5 Tricycles for Adults

By Tereza Antonova

Long gone are the days when three-wheeled bikes belonged exclusively to children. These days, they are very much in fashion as a legitimate means of transportation for all ages. Let’s learn something about tricycles for adults.

What are the benefits of tricycles for adults?

When you’re wondering what lies behind the sudden upsurge of grown-ups riding tricycles in streets, you might land on various theories. Amongst the most cited utilities of trikes belong stability, safety, and comfort. Those who, for various reasons, struggle with balance, find a reliable partner in a tricycle. This is obviously due to the extra wheel but there’s another contributing factor: a lowered centre of gravity, which prevents the rider from toppling over.

A man on a tricycle
Have you thought of trying a tricycle? © Profimedia

You don’t have to be particularly clumsy to feel insecure when riding a regular bike on a busy street. That’s why, for some, a steady tricycle simply presents a great way to enjoy a ride without feeling concerned or nervous. Cycling around the city becomes much more pleasant when you don’t have to worry about tipping over or not being able to climb that hill and falling of the bike. Why is that?

On a regular bicycle, speed acceleration is needed in order to maintain balance when climbing up a hill. A tricycle stays stable even at lower speeds so we can take our own time and pace to get to the top. Speaking of pace, tricycles for adults mostly come in a one-speed version as their purpose is to provide their users with a relaxed and safe ride. However, there are three-speed or seven-speed models on the market.

If you’re used to riding a regular bike, switching to a tricycle will take some getting used to. It doesn’t take long to master but we do recommend trying your new tricycle for adults in a low-traffic area.

Schwinn Meridian Single Speed Tricycle – €446

Schwinn Meridian tricycle

A step-through aluminium frame, comfy extra-elastomer saddle and a rear folding basket make this model a great choice for a pleasant ride. The full-coverage fenders will protect your outfit after a shower – plus, they’re quite stylish, don’t you think?

VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle – €340

VANELL Mountain tricycle

This seven-speed mountain tricycle for adults will take you places. It’s a great solution for those who wish to enjoy nice rides outdoors, and cover bumpy, uneven terrains without having to constantly worry about possible injuries.

Mantis Tri-Rad Adult Folding Tricycle – €336

Mantis folding tricycle

Yes, even adult tricycles come in folding versions. This one from Mantis offers a six-speed Shimano drivetrain, a low-cut frame with a steel suspension fork and, most importantly, it will not occupy more space than you wish it to.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle – €1,684

sixthreezero tricycle

This one presents more of an investment but if you’re looking for an electric tricycle, you should at least consider this model. A generously sized basket for a week’s worth of shopping, ergonomic riding position and a battery that will allow you to cover a 24km-long trip when fully charged makes this e-trike an intriguing option.

MOBO TRITON PRO recumbent adult tricycle – €420

MOBO recumbent tricycle

If you’re searching for a comfortable ride that will also help with back or neck problems, this recumbent tricycle for adults could be the answer. The one-speed model is suitable for special needs cyclists but will bring a lot of fun to any rider out there.