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Early Season Cycling Mistakes – Unprepared for the Weather

By Jiri Kaloc

Have you been doing a lot of indoor cycling in the off-season? Good! But that means you might need a few reminders about all the challenges of cycling outdoors. Let’s check out how to get yourself and your bike ready for the spring weather.

Don’t underestimate weather

The early season spring weather can be really unpredictable. Of course, it’s not a reason to stay at home, but it is a reason to get ready. Underdressing and doing a long climb without a wind jacket for the descent, or going out in the rain without appropriate accessories turns a lovely ride into a nightmare. The same thing goes for overdressing, a constant feeling of being a bit too hot will ruin your experience.

Cycling in rain
Are you really dressed for the weather? © Profimedia

Solution: Spring is the perfect time period to test your functional cycling clothing. Having clothes and accessories that allow you to adjust based on current conditions is key. Check out our article with a few tips on how to do this. And of course, keep in mind the usual good practices.

1. Stay on top of weather forecasts.

2. Dress so you’re slightly cool at the start of your ride. You will warm up.

3. Carry an extra layer on every ride, ideally a wind vest or a rain jacket.

Your bike doesn’t need to worry about hot and cold so much, but it’s a good idea to do a few checks before you get out there. Here are a few very important things everyone should do at the start of the season. If you want more detail, check out our previous article.

Track pump
Check your bike thoroughly before you leave. © Profimedia

1. Check and adjust tyre pressure.

2. Check if the brakes work and if they aren’t worn out too much.

3. Check chain for looseness.

4. Check if all your lights have power.

Don’t change your cycling position

If you are an experienced cyclist, you pay close attention to your body position on the bike. This feeling on the bike will change between the end of last season and the start of this one. Maybe the saddle height or reach length aren’t as you remember them to be. Before you start adjusting your bike, consider if your condition is the reason.

Solution: Start your spring cycling season with shorter rides under an hour and pay attention to how you feel after about five of these. You might realize that the bike fit is starting to feel good again and no adjustments are necessary. Maybe your range of motion and flexibility simply adjusted to riding outdoors again. Of course, the bike fit itself could be a problem sometimes. Check out our article to see how to spot common symptoms of a bad bike fit and how to fix them.

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