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14 Ways to Pick an MTB Lover Out of a Crowd

By Adam Marsal

You don’t need to be “The Mentalist” to spot secret hints unveiling that the lady in front of you is a keen biker. Watch out for these convincing signs listed below.

A strange bulge right under her T-shirt indicates that her collarbone must have been broken in the past.

Despite working in a nearby office, her palms are covered with calluses as if she were a lumberjack.

Instead of a photo of her children, her smartphone shows a photo depicting her while doing some crazy stunt on the bike.

Every October right before Halloween, she summons all friends to join her for watching Red Bull Rampage live in a pub.

Female MTB Cyclist
© Profimedia

When walking down the street, she turns her head after every bike, commenting on it with the strange technical vocabulary you might mix up with gibberish.

There’s usually a slightly visible chainring print on the back of her calf or tiny freckles of dried dirt and/or cowpat on her cheeks…

She wears jewellery made of bicycle chain links around her neck or wrist assuming it is cool like it used to be some ten years ago.

She never gets out of breath even after climbing to the tenth floor.

A coffee cup on her table tells the world she’s been at “Fat Tire Festival”.

Cycling Jewelry
Why is this not cool anymore? Damn…

She attempts to do wheelies even with shopping trolleys.

Her T-shirt says she’s in love with Whistler (unless she’s a skier too).

She doesn’t think a rainbow jersey has something to do with a Pride parade.

Even though she comes from a country that is officially using the metric system, you might bet on hearing her counting in inches – something between 26” and 29”.

Once a year, she comes to work wearing a brand new cast on her hand adapted in a way allowing her to still hold the handlebars.