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22 Annoying Things Cyclists Do at Home

By Adam Marsal

Most professional cyclists agree that cycling hurts but they are not alone in suffering, though. Their beloveds also struggle because of sharing lives with them. What do they do at home (without realizing it’s annoying)? They’re…

Talking about how much km they did this morning

Talking about the distance left to complete 10,000 km this year

Regretting trips they could have done if they were out cycling

Insisting the rest of the family should join the afternoon ride

Spending fortune on carbon parts


Counting calories not only on their plate but anyone’s present at the family lunch

Keeping ridiculous statistics of their own body outputs

Checking tyre pressure even on cars before every ride

Carrying smartphones in ugly plastic bags all the time to prevent them from getting rained on

Watching these never-ending cycling races on TV, no matter if LIVE or recorded

Generating wet parts of cycling kit on the drying rack every single day

Heading to the holiday destination by bike while sending the rest of the family by car

Timidly suggesting other family members might try to stick to a healthier nourishment plan too

Hanging bicycles on the walls, calling it art

Leaving the shower mixer tap pre-switched on cold


Never stop praising the advantages of their over-expensive windproof/waterproof cycling jacket even though everybody already knows

Keep reminding others there’s no Saturday morning plan but cycling

Calculating how much money they saved by commuting by bike

Fishing snacks from rear pockets several times a day, putting the empty wrappers back

Adopting aerodynamic position even while watching TV

Filling the cellar with additional bikes on which their lives are depending

Quoting cycling jokes