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6 Cycling Podcasts Worth Following

By Adam Marsal

For those having more time for listening than cycling, we picked a couple of audio channels from a tidal wave of trendy podcasts about the interest we share.

The Cycling Podcast

Good for: True cycling enthusiasts
Get on: thecyclingpodcast.com

What started as a daily comment on Tour de France stages back in 2013 has survived new-born struggles, went through thick and thin and developed into a self-confident audio magazine covering different aspects of cycling ranging from a life in a peloton to the adventures of a bikepacker. A special section called Féminin dedicated to women riders included. Offered in a nicely designed package, comes out several times a week.


The Rouler Podcast

Good for: Road cyclists
Roll on: play.acast.com/s/therouleurpodcast

The display of fascinating photos is just one of the reasons why we love the printed Rouler Magazine, however, the guys have a lot to say too. Most credited for insight into the realm of professional cycling, you can hardly find a better-informed source than the Rouler contributors who are behind this fortnight podcast channel.

Mountain Bike Podcast

Good for: Keen mountain bikers
Tune on: singletracks.com/category/mtb-podcast/

There’re plenty of topics to be shared in the community, making this podcast preferable among true mountain bikers. Interviews with respectable riders like Gary Fisher, Ryan Leech, Cam McCaul, Sonya Looney, Chris Akrigg, and many other sports giants available. A fresh episode coming once a week and is free to listen to.

Cycling Tips’ Podcast: Freewheeling Podcasts

Good for: Cyclists of general interest
Listen on: cyclingtips.com/category/podcasts/

Once a week, the contributors of the site deliver news, tips and looks behind the curtain of both cycling sport and industry. Interested in future of the Tour de France, history of Rapha brand, developments in gravel bikes geometry design, sense of women cycling media coverage or just tons of technical tips? Better to become a member and support the guys who do the work with heart.

The cycling pod with DHB

Good for: Fun-loving cyclists
Have a good time on cyclistpod.libsyn.com

Finally, something sounding less serious than a math lecture. The cycling topics might be funny, though, and this channel proves it. Engaging a triathlete Raya Hubbell and comedian Stephen Grant, the channel is dedicated to enthusiasts who prefer cycling to Strava record sharing.


Fat Bike’s Radio

Good for: Fat bikes’ obsessed
Follow on: fat-bike.com

Airing irregularly with a frequency between a day and a week, the guys touch any aspect of cycling topics ranging from a discussion about postponing Tour de France to arranging interviews with professional riders. Despite being fans of any kind of cycling, fat bikes obviously prevail in the focus.