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Don’t Talk on the Phone while Cycling in the Netherlands, You Will Get Fined

By Adam Marsal

Do you use a mobile phone while cycling? It’s not only dangerous but, in some countries like the Netherlands, it is also illegal. Operating a smartphone or any device while riding a bike is forbidden in the Dutch country since July 2019. The police can give you a fine of up to 95 euros.

Using mobile phones while riding became a serious issue in the Netherlands because, according to the recently conducted surveys, 49 % of cyclists were seen using their phones. Among young people aged between 18 and 24 years, the number was 75 %. Combine that with the fact that bicycle is a major mean of transport in the Netherlands and that recklessness can have serious consequences.

Stop and do not pose an obstruction for the rest of the traffic. © Martin Barraud / Caia Image / Profimedia

The new regulation law norm has extended the existing norm from 2002 that banned using mobile phones in cars unless in hands-free mode to any vehicle including a bicycle. Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Van Nieuwenhuizen expressed his concerns about safety on roads and argued that every second matters and therefore it is better to keep the eyes on traffic and not on the display.

The people that want to have a safe call in the streets and on the roads of the Netherlands are now encouraged to stop and make sure they don’t pose an obstruction for the rest of the traffic. Also, the riders using their phone as a navigation device are advised to set the route before the ride. All cyclist who’ll get caught violating the law will be penalised by a fine of up to 95 euros, the Dutch police warns.