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VIDEO: Israeli Couple Kiss as They Win the National Championships

By Monica Buck

Dubbed the “Kissing Champions”, Omer Shapira and Guy Sagiv have gained overnight popularity after they shared a tender moment before going on to be crowned as winners of the Israeli National Championships Road Race.

Guy Sagiv, who races for Israel Cycling Academy, was taking part in the men’s national road race while his partner Omer Shapira (Canyon Sram) was riding in the women’s event. Both pros were approaching the finish line after launching solo attacks, and while they had no idea how the other one was doing, they still found time to kiss.

“When he slowed down to kiss me, I urged him, ‘Move it! Move it!’” Omer Shapira smiled in an interview later. “I was worried that his rivals might catch him if we kept on kissing. I finished a few seconds later.”

Well, they didn’t catch Guy and the tender moment will certainly make a few highlight reels. You can watch an interview with the couple in the video below.