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French to Register Bikes and Other Cool News from the World of Cycling

By Monica Buck

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So, what did you miss?

Nationwide attempt to reduce thefts

Cyclists in France might have to register their bicycles in the near future. The French government believe displaying registration numbers on bikes might cut down bike theft. It is also an attempt to encourage more people to ride. Only three per cent of daily trips are currently done on bicycles in France. The European average, however, is more than double.

“The bike is indeed a concrete solution to the transportation needs of the French, and effective response to accelerate the ecological transition of the country,“ French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said.

The bike owners should get a certificate of ownership, similar to car documents, which should be presented to the police if asked for. Each frame will be marked “in a readable, indelible, permanent and unforgeable way in a clearly visible place“. It is all part of a 25-point, €350m, “Plan Vélo”. The government should unveil it before the end of the year. If all goes well, it should come into effect in 2020. The aim is to triple the number of short journeys made by bicycle by 2024.

What do you think about the proposition? Is it a good idea?

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