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Gluten-Free Diet – Recipes for the Whole Day

By Jiri Kaloc

The gluten-free diet doesn’t have to feel very restrictive if you know how to do it right. There are plenty of naturally gluten-free ingredients to replace wheat, barley, or rye. Let’s check out breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will show you exactly what I mean.

Banana Pancakes with Blueberries

Someone going gluten-free might think that because the usual pancakes batter is made up of wheat, a source of gluten, they can’t have their favourite breakfast meal. I have good news for you – bananas will do just as well in a pancake recipe. They provide the necessary starch wheat did and bring a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fibre too. Plus, you’re not only making the meal gluten-free, you’re also replacing a refined ingredient with a wholesome one! And these pancakes are just as easy to make.

Chicken Breast with Sweet Potatoes

Are you thinking of chicken pasta for lunch? There are many side dishes that are naturally gluten-free, just as tasty, and even more nutritious. In this recipe, we will be using sweet potatoes and root vegetables. They give you all the slow carbs and fibre that pasta would, plus a lot more vitamins and minerals on top. And yet again, you’re making your meal healthier by replacing a processed ingredient with a real, wholesome one.

Fresh Trout with Jerusalem Artichokes

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean your diet has to feel restrictive. Quite the opposite! You might be inspired to branch out and discover new foods. Jerusalem Artichokes are a great example, they are naturally gluten-free and can be used instead of the usual potatoes or rice. They provide your meal with just as much energy and a lot of beneficial fibre.

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