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3 Reasons Why You Should Try Cold Brew Coffee

By Jiri Kaloc

Cold brew is not just a trend anymore. Over the past few years, it has earned its place as a popular beverage around the world. And it’s no surprise because temperature is not the only thing that differentiates it from regular coffee. Let’s look at three reasons why you should give cold brew a try and maybe even make it a staple in your morning routine.

What’s the difference?

Coffee beans are full of oils, acids, and other compounds that give coffee its characteristic flavour. All of these compounds are called solubles because when you mix coffee grounds with water, chemical reactions start pulling these compounds from the grounds, creating a familiar dark brown solution best known as coffee.

Solubles dissolve best at temperatures between 90 °C and 96 °C, which is why hot water brewing produces more full-bodied and aromatic beverages. But increased solubility has its downsides too. Boiling water causes coffee’s chemical compounds to oxidise and degrade, producing a sour and bitter taste. Brewing in cold temperatures yields very different results. For some people it makes coffee much more pleasant to drink even without additional cream and sugar.

It’s less acidic, sweeter, and smoother

Those are three reasons already, but let’s be generous and call it one – a much more pleasant taste. The lack of heat in the brewing process allows solubles to release much more slowly, which makes for a slightly sweeter, a bit more subtle, and waaay less acidic-tasting beverage compared to a regular or even iced coffee. If you want to cut out dairy or make your coffee a non-caloric beverage, cold brew might be just the choice for you because it’s so much easier to drink it black!

It doesn’t go stale

No heat also means the aroma will be much milder but long-lasting. And it’s not just the aroma; cold brew stays fresh longer than hot-brewed coffee. It can last up to 4 weeks refrigerated without going stale. It will taste and smell just as fresh as when you made it.

It’s cheaper

Cold brew is often more expensive than regular coffee because it takes a lot of time and more coffee grounds to make. But the opposite is true when you make it yourself. And it’s really easy.

1. Add your favourite coffee grounds to your French press
2. Steep them in cold water for 12 hours (or even a full day)
3. Press down on the plunger after steeping
4. Pour the coffee over ice and enjoy

Now you don’t have to spend money on iced coffees in summer. Make cold brew at home that’s superior in quality and taste and can be comfortably stored in large batches in the fridge.