No matter where you need to stop, the bike won’t wait for you outside the shop unsupported. You always need something to prop the steed against. Seems logical, but you’d be surprised how many people do such a rudimentary operation incorrectly, with the bike ending on the ground. Learn this simple hack to prevent any inconveniences while parking.



Leaning the end of the handlebars against the wall is a favourite one. It’s a quick manoeuvre – you just dismount from the bike leaving it like this. Let us show you why this is incorrect. The slightest imbalance or trembling will make the handlebars swivel round the headset, leaning the whole bike against the wall, or even worse, causing an inevitable tumble to the ground. Now, pray that your derailleur, brake levers and the shiny frame finish painting stay unharmed – if you have any, which is not the case with the naked beach cruiser that we used in our demonstration. God save your bike.


The technique is as simple as the previous one, yet this one works much better. Once off the bike, you simply prop up the rear wheel against any kind of vertical object including poles, and the front part of the bike works as a counterbalance, pushing the rear tyre against the wall. That way you can also lean your bike against your uncle’s car, a shop window or any other fragile thing you prefer to leave unscratched. To see how it’s done, look at the picture below.

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