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Viral VIDEO: Watch This 4-Year-Old Give Thumbs Up to a Passing Lorry

By Monica Buck

While examples of people being rude to one another in traffic are pretty common in our newsfeeds, positive news doesn’t seem to have the same viral potential. Luckily, from time to time we do come across mutual respect that we all want to see and experience. Such is the video of young Rhoda Jones, which was posted on Sunday and has been since viewed more than 800,000 times.

The 4-year-old cyclist is seen in the video riding a trailer bike behind her dad, with a large lorry coming up from behind. The driver from D&W Agri passes, giving them a nice wide berth, which results in a cute gesture of approval from Rhoda, accompanied with a shout of thank you towards the lorry.

“Rhoda has a thing about people passing, and she can equally give a Paddington Bear-type angry stare which would be enough to take some drivers off the road,” Rhoda’s father told BBC.

Nice to see young people stand up for themselves!